When thinking about the women of yesteryear, beauty and glamour are two words that come to mind. Bustle put together a list of grooming tips straight from the 1940s that you might want to consider using in your own beauty routines now.

  • Applying lipstick before leaving the house because we can all agree that it feels good to do ourselves up everyone once in a while. It doesn't have to be a fire-engine red lip color, but taking that extra minute to apply lipstick can do wonders for your self-confidence all day long.
  • Brushing your hair a 100 times every night which was a routine for many women in the 1940s instead of showering every night. Brushing their hair would evenly distribute the oils in their hair to keep it looking shiny!
  • Splashing your face with cold water (not from the tap, but with ice cubes) is one way to minimize the look of your pores as well as add shine to your skin almost instantly.

Rushing in the morning will only lead you to stress out, so take an extra five or ten minutes in the morning (as well as at night!) and focus on yourself and your self-care. Brush your hair, moisturize, do whatever you find calming and find peace with the day.

(via Bustle)

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