Have you been feeling a little overwhelmed recently at work? Working overtime or in overdrive can cause you more stress and more anxiety. If you understand where I'm coming from, here's some self-care tips that can help you be the best employee you can be.

  • Take more breaks while on the job to help you break up the day and not get overwhelmed with all of your work. Study after study shows that people are more productive during the workday when you take breaks.
  • Spend more time on your hobbies outside of work as it keeps your mind going, but helps you enjoy your time away from the office. Your level of happiness will increase when you take time for things you enjoy.
  • Consider plants for your office or cubicle as they spark creativity and focus. Watering them, pruning them, taking care of them can help your productivity and attentiveness while at work.

You always want to do your best while at work, but sometimes you need tools and strategies to get to that level of productivity.

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