Caring for yourself is more important than caring for your friends around you. I know that's tough to do in practice, but you deserve it! Self-care is not a passing trend, so please, please, please start caring for yourself as well. Be your own best friend!

  • Find your people who like the same things that you do. Whether that's a knitting club, a Dungeons and Dragons meet-up or a recreational tennis club, there are people out there that like what you do and you should definitely get to know them!
  • Set-up your space to make it cozy and help you feel happy when you're in your home. Something as small as a $4 bouquet of flowers can help you to feel better when you're at home alone.
  • Start journaling with the intention of finding gratitude in your everyday life. The small things in life are worth celebrating, so if you got only green lights on your morning commute, write that down! If you're coffee was made perfectly when you stopped by Starbucks today, remember that!

Make time for yourself and for loving yourself. At the end of the day, you only have yourself so you need to learn to love and admire yourself first before anyone else.

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