One of the worst dates that I have ever been on was on Valentine's day five years ago. Bustle says that there are ways to cope with a bad Valentine's day date because there is usually a lot more pressure put on a Valentine's day date than just any other date.

  • Focus on the other kinds of love that you have such as the love that your dog has for you or how much your friends adore you. Just because your personal life might have taken a hit, you are still loved in so many other ways.
  • Treat yourself to a facial or a bouquet of roses as a way to feel better about your bad date. Self-love is the most important kind of love, so taking care of yourself and your mental health is the best thing that you can be doing.
  • Avoid social media on Valentine's day if you're feeling upset about your bad Valentine's day date. You are bound to see a lot of lovey-dovey couples that want to make you sick, and if you're feeling a little bad about how your day is going, seeing other people enjoying the day may make you feel even worse.

Remember that if you have a bad Valentine's day date on Thursday that I once went out with someone who got drunk, hit on the waitress at the Lost Dog Cafe and then informed me that his ex-girlfriend was carrying his baby. Safe to say, that that was the last time that I saw him.

(via Bustle)

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