When you think of dangerous or even deadly animals, you probably picture places such as the Rocky Mountains, Texas even, the southwest, or places in the Pacific Northwest. Here in New York State, it may not be as bad as other regions for critters and insects, but there are plenty of animals and insects you have to be aware of.

I remember when I was still in school and we're talking elementary school, we had lectures from teachers about everyday animals and insects that could harm you; whether it was a nasty bite or carrying disease and that still holds true today, especially if you ever spend a lot of time outdoors.

There are plenty of hiking trails in New York and countless parks and sights to go explore. These are usually where many animals and insects hang out and some can be very dangerous, potentially even deadly.

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Many of them are here in Western New York.

Thanks to New York Upstate and Nature's Way Pest Control for information here and be on the lookout for these animals and insects on your travels in New York.

The Most Dangerous Animals In New York State

The most dangerous and even deadly animals and insects in New York State.

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