I definitely had more bad dates than good dates before I started seeing my now fiancé. After some of the worst dates, I always assumed that I would be alone forever, but luckily, that was not the case. Bustle, and dating coach Cherlyn Chong, explains that there are ways you can stay hopeful after going on a bad date.

  • Don't blame it on yourself as that is the quickest way to make you feel even worst. There are a number of reasons why this date did not go as planned. You can either give this person the benefit of the doubt and try going on a date with them one more time, or move on and see what other fish are out there in the sea.
  • Try to see the humor in it because, odds are, the worse the date was, the funnier it was as well. It can be a good story to share with friends, and the "worst case scenario" moving forward for you (no date can be as bad as that one, so any other date probably won't be that bad in comparison).
  • Reflect on the date and learn from it. Figure out why it was a bad date, and see how you can avoid a date like that again. Was it the person? The location? Learn what you can do to hopefully have a better date next time.

Dating is tricky business as we're all trying to find someone to be with, and we all have expectations that can be difficult to communicate (especially when first meeting someone). Learn from a bad date, and try to keep your attitude positive when you go on your next one.

(via Bustle)

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