We've all been there. We're referring to husbands stuck shopping here in Central New York.

It doesn't matter if the trip takes you to Consumer Square, Sangertown, or Destiny. Husbands all over Central New York are dragged on shopping trips. Some can occupy themselves with their phones, while others will sit like toddlers in chairs. As a father of 4, and a husband, I've felt the pain of shopping trips only a handful of time.

The Instagram account @Miserable_Men documents the real-life shopping trips where men seem extremely miserable, and unhappy. The NY Post reports that the account has grown to more than 345,000 followers.

The account is full of husbands, old and young, and of course the many Dads of the world. Check out some of these gems on their page.

Most men have found a comfy chair where they can doze off (although there is a small group of extra miserable men who have been forced to stand while waiting), often surrounded by dozens of shopping bags. Others — and these are the pros — know what’s going to happen the moment their partners see a sale sign, so they’ve brought things like laptops and magazines to entertain themselves."


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It goes by the name of Fashion Dads, but “dad fashion” is more what the account is all about.

Teenage Stepdad serves up memes from a teens perspective, from the 90s through now.


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