Life is too short to stay on a date when you know you never want to see that person again. So if you're out on a date that you no longer want to be on, there are a few ways to end that date without being mean.

  • "Do you know how to get home?" which ends the date at your current location and let's them know that you have no interest in continuing the date at your place or theirs. This is a very nice way to let them know that you're just not feeling it.
  • "Here, take my leftovers!" can sound silly, but it in a round-a-bout way let's them know that you don't want to remember the date, and maybe that leftover meal can help them realize that while they're reheating that dinner the next day for lunch.
  • "Thanks for the drinks!" is casual, thankful, and doesn't elicit anything more from your date other than a "You're welcome!" If you picked up the tab, you can say, "Thanks for the company!" and it works the same way. Quick, simple and to the point.

Dating is tough, and I don't envy anyone still out there trying to find the right person for them. But don't waste your time, or anyone else's, if you know that the date you're on isn't going to go anywhere.

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