Motivation helps all of us achieve things that we never thought that we could. If you're struggling to get motivated, Bustle has some great tricks to help you.

  • Believe that you have endless willpower because if you picture your willpower as a tank or bucket that gradually gets used up then you will see a bottom or an end. Thinking that you have an endless amount of willpower will help you to keep going.
  • Change your strategy if you're finding it hard to keep going after a while. Getting bored or unmotivated after a month happens to the best of us, but you need to change your strategy in order to keep going if you find yourself slacking off or not working as hard as you did in the beginning.
  • Use immediate rewards instead of a reward three or four weeks from now. Long term rewards are harder to keep in mind when the going gets tough. Immediate rewards keep us going every day whatever the reward might be!

When the going gets tough for any goal that we may have, it can be hard to keep going. Changing up what you do or how you approach a goal can make all the difference in whether or not you achieve it.

(via Bustle)

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