Finding the motivation to exercise is probably the hardest part about exercising in general because once you get going, you feel really good about what you're doing and may not even want to stop. Bustle says that there are some great ways to get motivated if you want to exercise.

  • Start simple instead of trying to run a marathon, work at it one mile at a time. If you set too lofty of goals then you may become overwhelmed and more likely to quit before you really get started!
  • Exercise at home if you find yourself struggling to get yourself out the door and to a gym the next town over. There are great routines that you can do at home without any fancy equipment.
  • Plan ahead and make sure that your exercise "date" is just as important as getting coffee with a friend. Don't put it off, don't reschedule it, just get it done.

Exercise doesn't have to be scary or daunting. Make sure you are doing things that you enjoy that get you active, that way it won't even feel like exercise!

(via Bustle)

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