Back in July when we were losing our ever loving minds over The Peach Truck, I discovered this lil tip and trick.

Me and my two besties (Kristen & Stephanie) were making everything we could out of this giant box of peaches. Stephanie is a great cook and phenomenal with the making of the peach cobbler. Also on that day Kristen busted out her homemade whipped cream and let me tell you it was heaven.

What you see up there ain't store bought.

She made that right in the kitchen and it took mere minutes to throw together.

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I went and did some digging on my own. The recipe is really pretty simple and customizable.

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It will make a world of difference on your pumpkin pie, hot chocolate, ice cream, WHATEVER dessert you are having for Thanksgiving. I swear it'll make the turkey taste better but you'd have to be crazy or pregnant to want to even try that food combination.

The homemade WHIPPED CREAM RECIPE only has three real ingredients. The fourth is not for taste but more so for sustainability.

This recipe and suggestions come from

If you're going to make this PERFECT WHIPPED CREAM RECIPE you will need:

  • Heavy whipping cream
  • Sweetener of some type (Confectioner's sugar, honey, maple syrup)
  • Flavoring (here you can get super customizable - vanilla extract, cinnamon, lemon extract, chocolate, whatever you want to pair with whatever desert you are having)

The fourth unofficial ingredient is cream of tartar to stabilize it.

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Head here for more tips for this recipe like:

  • Starting cold. Everything. The mixing bowl, the whisk, the heavy cream, all of it.
  • Don't overbeat it or you'll get more of a butter texture instead of whipped cream.
  • Exact recipe measurements.
  • What liquor to swap out the vanilla extract with. Coconut rum? Bourbon? (

Add this to your secret recipe arsenal. You'll win dessert and Thanksgiving every time.

You're welcome.

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