I'm sure that every one of my friends have a great bad first date story, even I have one that I love to tell. But while you might like sharing the tale of that terrible first date, Bustle says that you shouldn't let you feel bad if your bad first dates are becoming more common than any second dates.

  • Look for the humor when you have a terrible date, maybe they were having a bad night as well, or perhaps what you thought you liked about the person turned out to be a red flag. Be thankful you dodged that bullet so soon!
  • Use it as motivation because eventually the bad dates will become fewer and farther between and you'll have some really great dates to talk about, too. The more you date, the better your odds will be at going on some of those goosebump-inducing good dates.
  • Stay positive when you have a bad date, and put it into perspective that maybe the person wasn't what was bad about the date, it could have been the restaurant food, the movie, or the weather. If the person themselves wasn't all too bad, you might try having that first date again!

It's very rare that you'll find the right person for you on your first try out the gate at sixteen. You may have to go on a lot of bad dates in order to get those second and third dates, and those are the ones worth staying in the game for.

(via Bustle)

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