It's good to love yourself, so if you take a photo of your face with those pearly whites every once in a while, I'm sure that's fine. However, Bustle, and eating disorder specialist, Kyla Fox, explains that selfies do have the tendency to be bad for our mental health.

An extreme self-focus on only your outer beauty can put your inner self and personality in the backseat. Your physical features become central to who you perceive yourself as without forming and cultivating the real things that make you you.

Taking selfies doesn't always lead to this disconnect between the outer and the inner parts of you, but it definitely can make you more focused on your skin than what's beneath it. Sharing your selfies all over social media can certainly skew your perception of yourself as well because the attention and the validation absolutely feeds into this.

If nothing else, too many selfies can tell you that your unedited self is not "good enough", and of course, that's just simply not true.

(via Bustle)

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