Believe it or not, the reason why someone cheats is very rarely about sex. Bustle says that there are so many other reasons why your partner may cheat on you.

  • They're avoiding conflict because the stress of a relationship filled with conflict and fighting can cause someone to run into the arms of someone who has less drama. They may see them as the oasis in the desert, if you will.
  • They want to save the relationship oddly enough and will use cheating as a cry for help. Cheating is (arguably) the last straw for many relationships, so to resort to that as their call for attention can definitely get the conversation going about what to do in order to save the relationship.
  • They need a boost of self-esteem and if someone else is willing to stroke their ego, that may be their way of feeling some sort of value outside of the relationship. If they aren't feeling validated in the relationship then they may look for that boost in their confidence in someone else.

Whatever the reason for cheating, just realize that it can go downhill quickly for any relationship. It may not save your relationship, it may not fix your broken self-esteem, it may just break the relationship up and hurt both of you.

(via Bustle)

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