If you are like me, then you know where every nice public bathroom in the Southern Tier is located. You just never know when nature will call.

When I look for a bathroom I am not looking for anything amazing. I just want it clean and private. Would you pay to have that? Would you rent a bathroom, when the one at your home isn’t an option? A businessman thinks that someone will.

According to MSN.com, A rare opportunity has emerged to rent a special piece of real estate in Highgate, North London. An entrepreneurial homeowner has decided to try to rent out his extra bathroom for roughly $4,200 per month. James Atherton says the new tenant could then sell tickets to use the bathroom- a direct response to the Camden Council’s plans to close public bathrooms in Pond Square in Highgate villate.

Spotting a “gap in the market”, Atherton hopes to attract the attention of bus drivers who need stop to relieve themselves at Parliament Hill Fields. Despite receiving a “lot of interest” in the bathroom, he has not yet received a suitable offer. Atherton adds, “Whoever takes it will have to clean and maintain it themselves. And no parties.” What?

[via: MSN.com]

Would you pay to have access to your own bathroom not at home?

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