I am thankful because I feel like I dodged a bullet. But, I wouldn’t be too surprised if you see a line on divorce papers that list ‘extreme gas’ as a reason for ending a marriage.

According to the Smoking Gun,  is reporting that a 70-year-old guy named Richard Clem of Levittown, Pennsylvania was fired from his job last year because of his out of control flatulence. That’s right. He worked at a company that makes pork rolls, which somehow makes the story even better.

His company felt like his gas was a serious distraction though. Apparently the president even told Richard, “We cannot run an office and have visitors with the odor in the office.”  So they fired Richard in February.

But it’s more complicated than that. Richard weighed 420 pounds back in 2010, and had gastric bypass surgery. And the gas was an unintended SIDE effect.

So his wife filed a lawsuit against the company last week, for discrimination against Richard’s disability. According to the suit, the surgery gave him two major side effects, quote, “extreme gas and uncontrollable diarrhea.”

What do you think of this story? Do you know anyone at your workplace who should be reprimanded for a similar issue?

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