If you really want to make more money or even become a millionaire, then it's time to get rid of the razor and grow a mustache. But, don't count on saving it.

According to Reuters.com, men who sport mustaches are not only more likely to get hired at job interviews but they're also more likely to command bigger paychecks, says the study performed by Quicken and the American Mustache Institute.

Mustachioed men make 4.3% more than clean shaven guys and 8.2% more than bearded guys. But then there's the matter of keeping the extra cash the survey shows men with mustaches spend 11% more and save 3% less than the combined average of bearded and clean shaven fellows.

When I had a mustache, I always thought I looked like Tom Selleck. But, the reality is I looked like an extra in an 80's porno.



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