I am 43-years-old and I can’t imagine for the life of me going to a funeral and having it be OK to take a picture with the deceased. Are funeral selfies a sign of the times?

Well, according to a recent article from the Huffington Post, it seems for millennials, every time is the right time for a selfie. Even funerals! Yep, a new study by Luster Premium White says one in five millennials are OK with taking a selfie at a funeral!

It gets worse: 47 percent are perfectly OK with snapping a selfie while in the throes of childbirth, 50 percent are down with naked selfies, and 30 percent have no problem with taking a selfie during sex. Considering that the survey estimates that the average millennial spends around 54 hours a year taking selfies, it’s doubtful there will be any kind of “selfie control” anytime soon.

What do you think? Are funeral selfies OK?

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