If you have to stop at a CVS anytime soon, make sure you are careful what you ask for. It might cause widespread panic and scare.

I love my cheese just as much as the next guy, but not in a million years would I think that asking for cheese would get me into trouble. But, nothing surprises me these days.

According to WRIC-TV in Richmond, Virginia, Ricky Berry and his roommate walked in to a CVS store to ask if it carried sliced cheese but were told no. For reasons we can't fully understand, this apparently freaked out the staff and minutes later all the employees walked to the back of the store, hid in a locked room, and called the police.

Berry and his roommate, along with a third customer (with a toothache and desperately needing Orajel), were bewildered by the empty store until a Richmond police officer arrived. After observing that the three customers appeared nonthreatening, he mused along with Berry that "this is how weird, apocalyptic movies start." WRIC-TV reported later that the employee who panicked and called police will "possibly" need retraining.

[via: WRIC-TV]

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