Okay. I am going to say this the nicest way I know how... people are REALLY stupid sometimes, especially the younger generation! And while it seems that social media should have increased our intelligence, I feel it has only exposed how stupid people actually are.

For instance, with the younger generation there is a lot of sexting, underage drinking photos on social media, selling drugs or themselves, etc. Basically people think of social media as a secret, where only select people can see what you are posting but that is complete bulls***!

Facebook's Influence In Consumer Consumption Of News Growing
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One of my friends went on vacation with her family, her mom had posted on facebook that they were so excited to go to Costa Rica for a week... that is it. Well they came home from vacation to find their home was broken into and robbed. You may be thinking that it's just a coincidence but no. After a lengthy investigation (they had surveillance cameras so it was easier to find the burglar) it was discovered that the only reason this person knew my friend and her family would be out of town is because of facebook!!!!! Her mom was mutual friends with someone who was friends with someone else, and all the way down to the robber.

Since the boom of social media, it's always been said to watch what you post because it will never go away, well that is very true. But there are a handful of things you shouldn't post about on Facebook ...

1. Your driver's license or passport. A lot of teenagers do it when they get their license, and it obviously opens you up to identity theft.

2. Travel plans!!!!!!!!!

3. A winning lottery ticket. A woman in Australia posted a photo after she won $825 at a horse race last year. Then someone else used the barcode to claim her money.

4. Complaints about your job or your boss. Even if you have your preferences set so they can't see it, they might find out about it from someone else.


5. Anything that shows an account number, or your bank account info. Some people actually brag by posting photos of their paycheck. Which is dumb, and also lame.


For more tips on what you should NEVER post on Facebook, read the full article!!!


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