The next time you get arrested, try and fart your way out of it. And, if that doesn't work eat more Mexican food before you commit a crime.

This was not a parking ticket, or failing to stop at a stop sign. This guy got arrested for having drugs and weapons. And, he walked away because of his flatulence?

All I can think is that it had to be some stinky flatulence he had going on.

According to the Kansas City Star, a 24-year-old guy named Sean Sykes from Kansas City, Missouri was pulled over back in September and the cops found drugs and stolen guns in a backpack inside his car.  The cops took him in for questioning, and Sean swore they weren't his.

Then, this suspect started farting and they let him go. On the official police report it said, "Mr. Sykes released a loud fart.  Mr. Sykes continued to be flatulent and I ended the interview."

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