One of the things I am most grateful for at Thanksgiving is elastic. And, it looks like Stove Top Stuffing is finally catching on to what everyone needs.

They are launching a new product that complements their business so well. But, I wish they came out with it a little sooner. I have been embracing elastic during Thanksgiving for a long time now.

According to, Stove Top stuffing just launched a brand new product called Thanksgiving Dinner Pants.  They've got a big expandable waistband and, basically, they look like maternity pants.  But they're not for people who are pregnant, just for people who want to eat the world and not have that think red indentation around their midsection.

They are $20 with free shipping but you have to hurry if you want to get a pair before they sell out.

I don't even try anymore. I wear those ugly grey sweatpants that every gym teacher in the world wore when we were in school.

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