Let's be honest, we are less likely to chow down on a big bowl of broccoli or spinach. You're going to devour a pile of beer blazed broccoli.

According to Popular Science, people are much more likely to eat vegetables if they're marketed as being cool, SEXY, and maybe a little unhealthy.  And not just kids, adults too.

I would say that it's probably more adults than kids. Kids don't really know better yet. Adults are well aware of how bad veggies taste.

The researchers found that when they packaged vegetables with names like "twisted citrus-glazed carrots," "dynamite chili and tangy lime-seasoned beets," and "sweet sizzlin' green beans," people were more likely to buy them and eat them.

"We're less likely to buy or eat them if they're marketed as being healthy.  Like, when they offered people a choice between "lighter-choice zucchini" and "slow-roasted caramelized zucchini bites."

So, don't be surprised if you start to see certain veggies in the grocery store with crazy names to draw you to them.

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