Dating apps aren't working for you, but you're not too sure why. They allow you to judge someone (and be judged) before ever talking to that person. If you're not finding relationships this way, then maybe you should go in the opposite direction and go on blind dates.

Yes, agree to a date with someone that you know nothing about and don't know what they look like. This could be surprisingly successful, I mean, the generations before us actually did this... and it worked.

A real blind date allows for actual first impressions and gets you out of your comfort zone, so no small talk, just real first date talk. Now this doesn't prioritize appearance the way dating apps do, so you get to know the person across the table from you for who they are.

Ask a friend of yours to see if they know someone in their social circle who might be a good fit for you. They could be working with your next significant other and you would never know if you never asked! Finding love isn't easy, so step out of your comfort zone and give blind dating a shot.

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