Trust relies heavily on feelings more than on thinking, and that's why it is hard to know if you can trust someone or not. Bustle says that there are ways to tell if you can trust your partner.

  • They made a really good first impression on you because that first impression will always stick with you. If you were feeling uncomfortable, or there was a knot in your stomach that first time that you met, you'll remember that.
  • Your partner is consistent which means that you can trust that they aren't doing anything wrong because they are reliable and you always understand that they are where they say that they are.
  • You two have good communication and that's the ultimate key to any good relationship. If you two can't talk it out or communicate with one another than you don't know what they're thinking or what they could be up to.

Trusting yourself and your intuition will help you decide whether or not someone else can be trusted. However, using logic, seeing if there are any red flags or not, all can be helpful to know if the person that your dating is trustworthy or not.

(via Bustle)

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