When meeting someone in real life, some red flags are definitely more obvious to you than if you first meet someone over a dating app. Bustle, and Kara Loewentheil who is the host of the UnF*ck Your Brain podcast, tells of some of the less obvious red flags that you might encounter over dating apps.

  • A lot of "don't" statements as opposed to "do" statements when explaining what they are looking for in a partner. All of that negativity in their profile can almost guarantee to you that they see you more as a date and not as an individual worth getting to know.
  • Not enough photos in their profile could indicate one of two things going on... that they are not confident enough or, worse, that they could be catfishing you. If this person is particularly attractive it could be the latter, and it's best if you don't engage with them. Try a reverse Google image search as well if you think this might be the case.
  • Complaining about certain types of men or women is, again, a big red flag about not seeing you as an individual and instead as a certain stereotype of your gender. If they are quick to make assumptions (especially negative ones), they are not going to be the best fit for you.

Dating is a tough and online dating can be even harder and more nerve-wracking, so it's best to stay on your toes and be aware of these red flags that you might otherwise overlook.

(via Bustle)

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