New research is coming out proving that dating app algorithms cannot predict how much people actually like each other once they meet. Bustle presented this new research to help us all figure out what exactly these dating apps are trying to do.

The University of Utah, University of California at Davis and Northwestern University all took the most effective algorithms and had people answer questions that are believed to be correlated with what people are looking for in a partner.

The results? None of the answers to the questions that were asked were able to predict how likely two people were to want to date once meeting. Many dating apps don't know if their algorithms are good or not because they don't tend to ask their users if they went on a date with someone they met using their program or how their dates went.

What they learned was that dating app algorithms are better at predicting things like who will message who or who swipe right to whom. However, when it comes to how much you will get along once you meet in person, their effectiveness essentially still remains unknown.

(via Bustle)

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