Have you ever been in love? Would you call it love at first sight though? Cosmopolitan explains that while you might have had instant chemistry and a connection with someone right away, it might not have been love.

The feeling of love that you might be experiencing with someone from across the room may only be an extremely strong attraction to them. How can you know if you love someone without even talking to them? They might have a high-pitched voice like they just sucked in helium, or they could be as dumb as a rock.

Your instant connection to this other person may not be love right away, but it could definitely turn into real love. Just give it time! In the beginning of a new relationship you may not see their flaws or any red flags that might be there. Once your hormones settle down, you will find out if there is love there, but right now it's much more likely that you're experiencing lust for the other person.

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