When it comes to finding love, there is some tried and true advice out there that you're parents and grandparents have probably told you. While you may be ignoring a lot of it, Bustle says that a lot of old wives' tales for finding love can actually work!

  • Believe in love at first sight which has worked out for both myself and my grandmother. She met her husband (my grandfather) on a date... with someone else! I met my boyfriend at a bar two years before we even dated. When you know, you know!
  • Pay attention to how they treat others especially people such as your server at dinner or the ticket counter associate at the movies. If they are rude to strangers, what makes you think that they will always be nice to you?
  • Be best friends because when things get hard (and sometimes they will) it is always best to weather the storm with someone you love who is also your best friend.

Old-fashioned advice that you hear from couples who have come before you can help keep you grounded, as well as help couples learn to love and grow together.

(via Bustle)

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