I don't know where I would be without my best friends (probably dead in a ditch somewhere from doing something stupid). Brit.Co and Nicole Sbordone, LCSW and author, explains that your best friends in many ways keep you healthy!

  • They can lower your stress levels as laughter is the best medicine, and no one can make you laugh as hard as your best friend. Meaningful connections with other people in your life can do worlds of good for your physical health even if you and your best friend don't go outside and exercise every day... just unwinding and recompressing with someone who "gets" you can always make you feel better.
  • They can help you to make better choices whether that be to opt for the hummus plate appetizer to split instead of the mozzarella sticks when you go out with them, or to walk the couple of blocks to the house party that you two are planning to go to instead of driving there like you might otherwise want to do.
  • They are a great support system when you need to cry over a break-up or rant about your parents or siblings. Having a best friend to talk things over with is definitely healthier than getting drunk alone and cyber stalking your now ex on a Saturday night.

My best friends can attest that we need each other to work out our issues with the loved ones that we have, and that we are much better off with each other than without one another.

(via Brit.Co)

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