Whether it's because of insomnia, a heavy workload, caring for our kids or catching up on household chores and maybe a show or two, when it comes to sleep deprivation, New Yorkers know a thing or two about it.

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Have you ever laid a baby down to sleep and looked on in awe at how angelic they look as their perfect eyelashes flutter closed and the rise and fall of their chest slows along with their breath as they drift off to sleep? If only sleep were that within reach for adults.

When it comes to getting a sold and refreshing night of sleep, not all states are created equally because people in certain states get more sleep than residents of other states. And, New York is a state where sleep seems to be elusive.

The people at Aeris wanted to know which states were filled with people drifting off to sleep like a baby and which states were filled with people staring at the ceiling in the dark. So, they asked several thousands of Americans how well (or not so great) their average sleep is, how long they sleep once they're able to fall asleep, and what their sleeping habits are like.

The top ten states where people are getting restful and fulfilling sleep are Virginia, Iowa, New Jersey, Alabama, Georgia, Utah, Connecticut/Indiana (tied), Vermont, Massachusettes,/Idaho (another tie), and Kansas.

The top ten states where people are seriously feeling sleep-deprived are Oklahoma, Maine, Delaware, Montana, Maryland, California, Wisconsin, North Carolina/Ohio, New York, Illinois/Nevada.

What's causing New Yorkers to lose so much sleep? Clearly deciding to stay up later than we should is a big factor but there are also some other factors such as air quality, napping during the day, worry, stress, a snoring partner - the list is truly endless.

If stress is what's keeping you from being able to sleep at night, there are some natural ways you can help slip into a night of better sleep.

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