Halloween is closer than we realize, so I wanted to get into some spooky old wives' tales that are actually true! Bustle has elaborated on some of the scariest ones that I didn't even know about.

  • Corpses can move because even though your brain may stop functioning once you die, it can take your nervous system time to catch up, so your body can still twitch and spasm even though you are very much dead.
  • Severed heads can "live" at least for a couple of seconds, so who knows what you'd be thinking there, probably cursing or freaking out a bit.
  • Animals can predict death or at least we think so because of how they react, whether its' their sense of smell or maybe their instinct, there have been reports of animals predicting the death of their owners.

I wouldn't wish death upon anyone, but I would most especially never wish consciousness after death. How freaky would it be to wink at someone after being decapitated? If I thought about it in those few seconds, I would definitely do it.

(via Bustle)

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