If you ever had a stomach ache growing up, chances are your mother and grandmother offered you some sage wisdom in order to provide you some sort of relief. Bustle says that there are some old wives' tales that do actually help you with your digestive distress.

  •  Eat prunes if you're feeling constipated as prunes are full of fiber and contains sorbitol which is a sugar alcohol that works as a natural laxative to help you pass what you need to pass in order to feel better.
  • "An apple a day..." as well as other fruits and vegetables work wonders for your digestive system (as well as your overall health!) because they contain fiber, water and antioxidants that help keep you regular.
  • Drink hot water (or tea) after each meal that you have throughout the day as it aids in the digestive process by hydrating your intestines and assists in breaking down food.

Digestive issues can ruin your day and leave you feeling miserable, so even if you don't like prunes they may make you feel so much better after you force yourself to eat them.

(via Bustle)

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