Every relationship in the history of dating ever, has always been different. Which means that the breakdown of every relationship has always been different as well. Bustle has come up with some signs that you may not even realize are red flags that your relationship may be ending soon, or if not soon, doomed to fail eventually.

  • The fighting has stopped which you would believe is a good sign for a relationship because then you're finally agreeing on everything, and life is great, but this tends to go in the other direction. Your partner may have stopped caring enough to fight, and that could be the beginning of the end.
  • The attraction isn't there anymore and nothing at all has to change about your partner in order for this to happen. You can just look at them one day and realize that you're just not attracted to them anymore.
  • You find yourself happier without them because you feel like seeing them is a chore that you just don't want to have to do anymore. It's so sad when a relationship reaches this point, but it is most definitely doomed when you no longer desire to see each other.

Relationships are not easy. While some relationships end with a big bang, others kind of fizzle out, However it's important to know when to fight for your partner and when to just let them go.

(via Bustle)

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