The holidays can be very chaotic all in the name of family and making memories, right? Whether you have to travel across the country, or you were put in charge of cooking Christmas Eve dinner for all 30 members of your family, there are ways you can try to make your holiday season more peaceful this year.

  • Take time for yourself because even though you want to make sure everyone around you has a good time during this time of the year, it's important to check-in with yourself and make sure that you're able to take time for yourself, too.
  • Make sure everyone chips in when it comes to the cooking, the gifts and everything in between. If people can't contribute evenly, that's okay, but no one should have to be in charge off all the food, all of the alcohol, or all of the decorations, etc.
  • Respond, don't react if dinner conversation turns to religion, politics, or any other topics that aren't appropriate and could upset people in your family. Keep things light, and try not to react if things do get a little heated.

The holidays should be enjoyable for everyone, and that includes you.

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