It's a myth that happy couples never fight. They just know what is worth fighting over and what is not. Bustle, and licensed therapist Jean Fitzpatrick, explain what is just not worth arguing over with your spouse.

  • Things that have already happened specifically before you two even met. There is nothing that can be done to change the past, so why waste your breath on the matter? What is important is that whatever it was doesn't happen again if it's something that could hurt your future together.
  • Who's right and who's wrong should never cause a fight, it should be you both as a team against the problem at hand. When you start blaming each other for things, there is usually never much listening going on and that solves nothing.
  • Life outside of the relationship unless it is hurting the relationship itself. If your spouse is not hurting you with his hobbies or extracurricular activities then you should not fight over what you both do away from one another.

Successful marriage happen for a number of reasons, and happy couples do still argue from time-to-time, but they know what is worth arguing over and what is not.

(via Bustle)

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