I hear people say all the time that they think Valentine's Day is overrated and dumb, but here's the thing- I also hear people complain after Valentine's Day, saying that the day didn't live up to their expectations and they feel let down. Um, right. So, if it's an overrated holiday, why are there expectations to begin with?  But I digress...

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and if your love was hoping it would be an amazing day but it ended up being a dud because you forgot until the last minute and tried to redeem yourself by running into the gas station for one of those wooden roses and that's all you gifted them with, Ask Men has offered up three ways you can make up letting them down.

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    Acknowledge Your Mistake

    No matter what you might think, this isn't the time to try to justify your good intentions. The very best thing you can do to smooth things over is to apologize for dropping the ball and mean it. If you don't mean what you say, then you're just going to land in even more trouble.

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    Make it Up

    If you really fell flat on your face, making it up for it will serve you much better than ignoring the whole thing. Is there a nice restaurant they've been wanting to try?  The good news is that you've got a better chance of getting reservations there this weekend than you were yesterday. Oh, and meal prices might be cheaper now, too. If you're low on cash, try making a special homemade meal with a handwritten card.

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    Have a Backup Make-up Plan

    If all else fails, have a surprise lunch from their favorite restaurant delivered to them at work with a handwritten note expressing your love. It'll make them feel special and they won't be able to stay mad at you.

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