Instant attraction is not always the case with some couples, and that's okay! Bustle has a few ideas on how to develop attraction for someone you may not immediately feel a spark with.

  • Give it a few dates because you will be able to see more of their personality shine through and you will see what you like about them outside of their physical features.
  • Physically touch each other (non-sexually) such as holding hands or a good night hug after a date because this is a great way to build a connection with someone else.
  • Do something scary or risky together as a way to bond and begin creating memories with one another. If you go out of your comfort zone with someone else, you will see another side of the other person.

It's worth exploring new possible partners that you may have overlooked before. Who knows, someone you never would have considered "your type" may end up being "the one"!

(via Bustle)

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