It's great to have an idea of who you want to date, but getting too specific and too picky can hurt you. Bustle has found that some common things that people look for in a partner can end up leaving them disappointed later on in the relationship.

  • Chemistry while it is important to be able to connect with someone, having a "spark" should not be the only reason why you're with the person that you're dating. Don't overlook other important traits just because you feel something exciting towards the person.
  • Appearance is another trait that sometimes is held higher on the scale of importance than maybe it should be. You want to grow old with this person, so in time, looks will fade anyway. What should matter more are the other attributes that will not fade in time, like their sense of humor or their morals.
  • Career can be something very important to you, but don't pass on someone just because they may not be a doctor or a lawyer. If they have passion for the job that they have, that says a lot more than someone who may make a lot of money and is miserable.

Finding a good partner has much more to do with who they are, not always about what they look like or what they do. Keep that in mind the next time you decide to swipe left or right on someone.

(via Bustle)

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