The line between friendship and relationship can often be blurred because you spend a lot of time with the other person and grow to be comfortable around them, but is it a good idea to take the leap and start dating them? Bustle says that there are a few things to consider first.

  • It can be awkward at first because you two will be crossing lines that you've never crossed before with them. If you start to feel uncomfortable, stop and let them know so you both can establish what makes you both feel good. And if that means going back to being friends, then that might have to happen.
  • It could go wrong and you both need to understand that it's okay if you are not meant to be in a relationship together. Something to consider though is if you two can go back to being just friends after you've kissed or had sex with one another.
  • Relationship chemistry isn't the same as friendship chemistry and if you have one, but can't quite get the other, that is okay. Some friendships turn into relationships, and some don't! That's just how it pans out sometimes.

If your good friend seems to tick off all the right boxes for you, and you're thinking there is a spark then ask them how they feel and maybe it will be a good match! Try not get hung up on them if it looks like you two may be incompatible though.

(via Bustle)

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