A kiss at the end of a date can either make the date or break the date. Bustle has come up with ways that make a kiss a good kiss.

  • Be aware of your partner's body language when it comes to kissing as it will help you navigate what to do and perhaps what to do next. How someone else is reacting to you with their body language says a lot (considering they cannot speak right now!).
  • Treat the kiss like a dance which probably sounds silly, but consider it because you two will have to take turns leading the kiss. And honestly, just don't take it all that seriously. Make it fun!
  • Give your partner positive feedback if the opportunity presents itself, be vocal about how you enjoyed the experience of the kiss. How can someone know if they're a good kisser or not if their partner doesn't speak up?

Kissing can connect two people on a heightened level. Enjoy it for what it is, be playful, tease a little, and have fun!

(via Bustle)

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