Exercise is pretty cool, and the benefits that you can gain from just moving your body around on a regular basis is also proving to be awesome as well. Bustle and Wendy Suzuki of New York University have found that exercise now also boosts your brain health, which I don't think you need an explanation about how incredible that is for you.

When thinking about exercise, it's easy to list off all of the physical benefits that it offers you... weight loss, muscle gain, flexibility, stamina in other aspects of your life... however new research has been released that is showing that exercising regularly can boost your brain health as well.

Whether it's a dance class, a walk around the block with Fido or a trip to the gym, any way that you decide to move is good for your brain. Relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression are two major reasons to start moving, but exercise is showing that it has all kinds of cognitive benefits.

With the weather getting warmer now, there is no excuse not to get out to Otsiningo Park or the Vestal Rail trail and get moving!

(via Bustle)

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