There are little things that you can do when you first meet someone, whether for a job interview or meeting your new partner's friends for the first time, that can win them over. Bustle compiled a list of things that you can do to make a great first impression.

  • Maintain eye contact without staring down the person that you are talking to. Eye contact shows that you are confident, unless you aren't letting them look away, or focus too much, then you can come off as aggressive. This is something that may take work, but you got this!
  • Push your shoulders back helping you to stand or sit taller. Good posture makes you seem more available and more put-together.
  • Shake hands but make sure your handshake is not too loose or too tight for the other person. A handshake can really make or break a first impression.

Making the other person feel more comfortable is really what you should be aiming to do with your first impression. Whether that mean you use active listening, or a firm handshake, your first impression could mean all the difference for how that person thinks of you years later.

(via Bustle)

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