Whether at work or in other social situations, you might be doing things that tell those around you that you're not as confident as you would like for them to think that you are. Bustle believes that these kinds of habits may give people the wrong impression of you. You want to seem confident, right?

  • Filling "awkward" silences around family and friends can seem just fine, but if you're around new acquaintances, it may project to them that you're not as confident as you would like them to think that you are. Forcing a conversation can hurt someone's impression of you more than it can help it.
  • Refusing to accept a compliment that someone is trying to give you. Rather than deflecting the compliment, try to learn to accept it and say "thank you".
  • Not making eye contact is a big one in terms of how confident you look to someone else. You will come off more nervous than confident if you can't look your audience in the eye (but don't stare!).

It is perfectly normal to feel nervous is certain social situations, but you never want to look nervous if you're trying to make a good impression. You got this!

(via Bustle)

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