Even though Valentine's Day is a month away, there are ways to make your partner feel special today and every other day. Bustle made a list of ways your partner can feel loved and appreciated by you.

  • Surprise them with something small, such as a pizza for dinner from their favorite restaurant. They don't have to go anywhere, they can just sit back and enjoy their favorite meal with their favorite person.
  • Take care of them when they get that cold that's going around the office. Heating up soup and tea, providing them with an unlimited amount of tissues and rubbing their chest with Vaporub will show them just how much you love and care about them.
  • Compliment them which might be something that you've fallen out of the habit of doing because you've been together for so long, and you think that they know how you feel already, but just try it. One sincere compliment can mean so much to them.

It's very easy to get comfortable in a relationship and forget that you still need to romance your partner. Valentine's Day is a month away, but you should really start celebrating your love now!

(via Bustle)

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