Dog people are a whole other breed of people (trust me, I am one of them!). Bustle, and the dog-walking app Wag!, have found that half of the people that they surveyed would not date someone that their dog did not like.

Whatever the reason may be, if your dog does not like the person that you bring home that they might as well turn right around and leave. Seven in ten people consider their dog an great judge of character... do you feel the same way about your pooch?

If your new partner is willing, I would say that you should give them and your pet time to get to know each other before kicking your date out completely. Some dogs, just like people, need some time to warm up to a new person/dog.

So if Fido just can't get used to your new partner after a few dates then there may be a reason why that is, and that is something that you should definitely investigate.

(via Bustle)

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