The Fear of Missing Out is alive and well on the internet, and I understand wanting to go to every event that shows up on my feed, but my bank account likes to gently remind me that that just isn't possible. According to Bustle, there are some times when you should resist your "FOMO".

  • If you're not feeling well then you really ought to stay home and avoid getting others sick if you have anything that could be contagious. Your friends may love having you come out with them, but they will hate you the next day when they're just as sick as you are.
  • If your mental health will be affected by going out that night, whether that be because you'll be seeing someone who you really don't want to see, or whatever the case may be, you should definitely put yourself and your mental health first and stay home that night.
  • If you're just trying to be impressive to new friends or work colleagues then maybe it's not worth the effort, or money, to go to this event. Unless you are obligated to go then you might want to consider skipping out this time around.

You can be generally excited about going to a once-in-a-lifetime party, but if you're feeling an incredible amount of dread because you missed out on brunch that happens every week, then you may want to reassess your "FOMO".

(via Bustle)

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