We're all a little worried about the Coronavirus and what it could mean if we get infected with it. You can control where you go, who you interact with, and what you do to prevent yourself from getting sick, but you can't control what your partner does. Because of this, have plans with your partner been stalled?

If you and your significant other have been planning to move in together or move to a new city, but those plans have been put on hold because of the fear of catching the Coronavirus, you're not alone. Couples are definitely halting the progression of their relationships over this virus. Some weddings are being cancelled or put on hold over the fear of spreading the disease!

Long-distance couples are struggling, too, because the CDC is now recommending no unnecessary travel, so those dating across the country may not be able to see each other for a few months now.

Now there are other ways to feel connected to your partner while the Coronavirus scare is here. Remember, this has everything to do with your health, not the health of your relationship.

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