New year, new you, right? So you've been going to the gym to start to feel better (and maybe look better, too), however surrounding yourself with others at the gym huffing and puffing and spreading germs all around the work out facility.

At the gym, it's common courtesy to wipe down machines after you use them and hopefully that will disinfect them for the next user. However just like every other public space with people in semi-close quarters, catching a cold or the flu is definitely a possibility.

If a machine isn't wiped down properly (or not at all) and the person using it last has the flu virus, those germs can stay viable for up to 48 hours. Getting sick could knock you down for a week to ten days.

Getting vaccinated can obviously help you to avoid getting sick even if you come into contact with the virus. Avoid touching your nose and eyes as much as possible because that can spread the sickness as well. And while people getting sick will always happen, there are ways to combat that and you should be proactive about it all.

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