On Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that some areas of New York State are ready to move into Phase 4 of his COVID-19 recovery plan. Phase 4 was originally laid out to be the final phase of re-opening, but now Cuomo is saying that not everyone will be included in this phase.

According to, NYS, it seems that Cuomo is pleased with New York’s recovery plans thus far. On Wednesday he announced that most businesses that were originally slated to reopen in phase 4 will be able to do so on Friday. Cuomo stated that “low-risk“ activities such as historical sites, aquariums, art galleries, museums, botanical gardens, and zoos, may re-open on Friday.

Cuomo said that churches may increase their gatherings from 25% to 33% of the building's capacity. He also said that social gatherings will increase from 25 people to 50 people.

Some of the businesses that were originally in Phase 4 will remain closed. No official word has been given yet as to how or when these businesses will open. For right now gyms, indoor performing arts productions, movie theaters, indoor concerts, casinos, bowling alleys, arcades, and amusement parks will all remain closed.

Cuomo gave a partial explanation as to why these businesses must remain closed. He said that his office received new information on how droplets could possibly spread the virus through air conditioning in indoor spaces. The governor's office is still studying the information and trying to come up with a safe plan for reopening all of the businesses in New York.

Don’t be dismayed, once science proves a safe way to reopen the rest of the state, Cuomo will let us know. Until then, continue to stay safe!

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